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The Analyzer is one of the Auxiliary Machines in Big Pharma.

Description[ | ]

Identifies the Max Strength concentration of a drug's traits. Samples are destroyed during the analysis process.

The machine's interface features a testing meter (%). This indicates how efficiently the machine is being utilized. An Analyzer which receives an ingredient once per day will grow to an efficiency of 100%, whereas an Analyzer which receives an ingredient every other day will have an efficiency of 50%. The amount of time it takes to find the Max Strength is directly proportional to the efficiency of the Analyzer combined with the percentage chance of success of how upgraded the analyzer is. For example if it would normally take ~30 days to find the Max Strength at 100% efficiency, it should take ~45 days at 50%. In all cases the Max Strength will eventually be found.

Tips & Tricks[ | ]

  • If you want to test a specific trait of an expensive cure that has side effects and gone through many machines to unlock the trait, you should first fully test the basic components that make up that cure, by simply attaching the tester to a port and importing the samples directly into the tester. When all basic traits of side effects are done then you can attach the tester to the expensive cure. This makes it so it only tests the newly unlocked traits, and doesn't waste money on the side effect traits.
  • To effectively test samples from slower machines (processing time of 2 or more), make a long belt and fill up the belt with cures before you attach the Auto Tester to the end. The analyzer heats up if fed consistent samples and this boosts the speed of discovering max strength. If it doesn't get a sample it will begin to cool down.[citation needed]
  • The Analyser destroys substances that are fed to it. This is useful for destroying waste products from machines like the centrifuge, which can produce 'drugs' composed solely of side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions[ | ]

(Q) Is it more effective to activate the trait you are testing for? Or is that just a waste of money?
(A) No, the trait does not need to be active and will not affect testing.

(Q) Is it possible/effective to test 2 different cures at the same time, when both cures come from processing lines with a processing time of 2 or more?
(A) Yes. The efficiency of the analyzer is based on consistent samples, regardless of differences.

Upgrades[ | ]

Level Research Points Analyzer success rate
0 50%
1 1 60%
2 2 75%
3 4 100%
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