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The Belt is used to connect different Machines.


The Belt is a conveyor used to connect different Machines together. It has no Process Costs and a Process Time of 1.


If you drag the belt from one place to another, the belt will attempt to find a way between the start and end, automatically connecting to machines at the start and end.

If you hold down the Control key, the belt placement will default to an alternative placement style, which will change angle depending on your cursor position. This can be used to place angled belts without a machine already placed down.

You can make T-Junctions by dragging a belt from an existing one. This allows you to make basic and more advanced production lines.

A 4-way belt junction will always have two ins and two outs, crossing each other. This can be very useful for machines like the Multimixer and Centrifuge, where you often need to cross an input over an output. However, you have to plan around this if you want to merge or fan out three lines from one, since a 4-way junction can't do that.

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