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A booster-bearing ingredient. The booster is in Slot 4, marked with a yellow concentration bar.

Boosters are a class of effects that can confer a sales bonus on drugs. Unlike cures and side effects, boosters are active at all concentrations from zero to twenty, so there are no concentration requirements or maximum effect targets to earn the benefits of boosters. However, boosters are only effective in specific situations, such as for a given class of drugs or in particular packaging types.

Identifying Boosters[ | ]

Bonuses are listed in an ingredient's effects table and are indicated with a yellow concentration bar. Bonuses do not function as catalysts and, by themselves, have no effect on any disease or disorder; a drug with only boosters will be classed as a sugar pill.

Using Boosters[ | ]

Although boosters have no concentration requirements, they must still be added to the drug in production and be present at packaging in a Maker. There are several methods to do this:

Booster Mixer[ | ]

The easiest way to add a booster is using a Booster Mixer machine. Any boosters present in the compound fed into the Booster Mixer's booster port will replace effects in the same slot(s) in the drug fed into the mixer's base port. This is a highly effective way of removing side effects that are flagged as being unable to remove and is the most efficient method of injecting boosters into a drug in process.

To make the booster mixer even more effective, two ingredients with boosters can be combined in one booster mixer. The new booster-laden compound can then be fed into a second booster mixer for combination with the drug in production, removing two side effects and adding two boosters to the drug at once.

Centrifuge[ | ]

Alternatively, a Centrifuge can be used to swap in booster effects. Although the base model of centrifuge swaps halves of the drugs fed into it, upgraded centrifuges can be configured to swap specific slots, reducing the need to use Shakers to prepare the drugs for the Centrifuge. A Centrifuge is less efficient than a Booster Mixer as it produces two outputs, one of which is likely to be waste: the side effects that the boosters replaced and nothing of value. One common strategy for dealing with this waste is to use an Analyzer to dispose of the waste compound.

Multimixer[ | ]

As with all effects, boosters can be introduced to a drug using a multimixer. This method usually requires the most preparation as both the base drug and the booster-bearing drug need to be configured for the mix: a side effect must be removed from the base drug for each booster to be added, and a Shaker must be used to configure the base and/or booster-bearing drug so that the booster aligns with the empty slot(s).

Names and Requirements[ | ]

Name Cure Family Packaging Type Effect
Easy to swallow Any Pill +20 Sales Bonus
Hypoallergenic Any Cream +20 Sales Bonus
Fast-Acting Pain Any +30 Sales Bonus
Isotonic Blood Any +30 Sales Bonus
Neurotransmitters Psychological Any +30 Sales Bonus
Non-Drowsy Relaxants Any +30 Sales Bonus
Expectorant Lungs Any +30 Sales Bonus
Non-Greasy Skin Any +30 Sales Bonus
Anti-Inflammatory Viral Any +30 Sales Bonus
Lubricating Sexual Health Any +30 Sales Bonus