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Booster Mixer
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Booster Mixer

A Booster Mixer is an Auxiliary machine in Big Pharma. A specialized form of mixing machine used exclusively to transfer boosters from one compound into another, the Booster Mixer is also particularly useful in removing side effects that cannot be processed out. Its operation is significantly simpler than that of the multimixer, as neither input needs to have concentrations altered prior to being combined to ensure the transfer of the booster(s).

The Booster Mixer became available with the Marketing and Malpractice DLC.

Description[ | ]

The Booster Mixer allows us to efficiently get Booster effects into our products. It has a small footprint, low process time and low process cost, however it can't transfer anything but Boosters between drugs.

Function[ | ]

The machine has two input ports marked with color-coded labels:

  • Main Port - Marked with a green arrow and aligned with the machine's long axis, this is the input port for the base compound - the drug in production to which the booster or boosters will be added.
  • Booster Port - Marked with an orange arrow and entering through the side of the machine, this is where the booster-bearing compound is introduced.

During processing, boosters from the drug input through the booster port are transferred into the base drug introduced through the main port. Boosters are transferred into the same slot in the main drug as they occupied in the booster drug, replacing any side effect or cure already present. The remainder of the effects in the booster drug are lost during the process, and the main drug exits through the output port with its new booster or boosters.

Recommendations[ | ]

Since boosters are active at all concentration levels, it's advisable to make the booster mixer the last production step prior to going to a Maker machine. This way, unwanted side effects or cures can be removed and then the drug is immediately packaged.

The Booster Mixer runs at the same pace and process cost regardless of how many boosters are being transferred. Two or even three booster-bearing ingredients can be prepared by Shakers and combined with Booster Mixers before the prepared multi-booster compound is combined with the drug in process. Consequently, if the drug being made has a cure in Slot 2, then three booster ingredients can be shaken and combined in Booster Mixers to put boosters in Slots 1, 3, and 4; upon being combined with the drug, the result will be a booster in 1, 3, and 4 with the cure still present in 2. Depending on cure family and packaging type, this can result in a superpowered drug or at least one with no side effects.

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