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A catalyst is a property of an ingredient, that is sometimes required to upgrade an effect to next level or remove some side-effects from the ingredient. There are several types of catalysts, each indicated by a different symbol. If an ingredient does not have a property with a catalyst, it needs to be added to it via a Multimixer from another ingredient to be used for upgrade/removal of effects.

Types of Catalysts[ | ]

Catalyst 2Catalyst 3Catalyst 4Catalyst 5Catalyst 6

Game currently contains 5 types of catalysts, each having a different symbol and no in-game name or description.

Adding and using a Catalyst[ | ]

To add a catalyst you have to put the ingredient that you want the catalyst on and an ingredient with the corresponding catalyst in a Multimixer. The ingredient which is set as the base will override the effects in the other ingredient so the catalyst can move over if there is an empty space in the correct slot. (See Multimixer for more information). You then need to fulfill the other requirements and you will be able to upgrade/remove the effect.