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The Creamer is one of the Machines in Big Pharma. Medicated creams form a large part of the topical medication class: drugs which are applied externally and absorbed through the skin. In addition to the active ingredients, a pharmaceutical cream is an emulsion of oil and water combined with an emulsifier agent (to keep the two from separating) and a thickening agent. The ratio of oil to water varies based on application; ointments are generally a 4:1 ratio favoring oil, while moisturizing or protectant creams are closer to 1:1.

Description[ | ]

The Creamer reduces the strength of side-effects in drugs. It also has a low process time.

Function[ | ]

With a 2x2 footprint, the Creamer is reasonably compact, but its offset input and output ports can make deployment in groups difficult. Creamers have a distinct advantage in that they reduce side effects present in the drugs they package; a base-level Creamer cuts side effect strength by 50%, while a fully-upgraded Creamer reduces strength by 75%. When a drug cannot be purged of side effects, a Creamer can be a way to make the drug safer and, thus, likely to suffer less severe cure or sales ratings demerits.

Additionally, the Creamer is the only Maker that can make use of the Hypoallergenic booster.

Upgrades[ | ]

Level Research Points Cream side-effect strength reduction
0 50%
1 1 55%
2 2 60%
3 4 65%
4 8 70%
5 16 75%

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