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Cure Rating[ | ]

Each produced drug is given a rating based on its number of good and bad effects, as well as the Strength of these effects. Ratings range from S+ to F[citation needed] and affect the Combined Value of the drug. The default rating for a new product is C, which has no effect on its value.

Each ratio of a good / negative effect to the total prescriptions gives a rating, which are then used to calculate an overall rating for the drug.

A good rating is very important for a drug as it can easily double its profit, so it often pays off to determine the Maximum Strength of a drug with an Analyser and then invest in some extra Machines to alter the concentration (Evaporator, Dissolver, etc.) to increase or decrease the strength of effects in the drug, resulting in a better rating. This is especially true for higher-level Cures, as the bonus value from rating is relative, making for higher absolute increases to price (and thus profit) the higher the initial Combined Value of the drug is.

Changes to drugs generally do not produce immediate changes to the cure rating. The speed in which the cure rating changes seems to depend on number of drugs already sold at previous strength.

Example: Production cost: 80$, Combined Value: 100$. Results in a profit of 20$. With a rating of A the value increases to 120$ and the profit doubles to 40$.

In the example above it is important to note, that if the cost of increasing the rating from a C to an A exceeds 20$, then doing so would result in a net loss of money.

Rating influence on the final drug-value Product ratings
S++ >= 160
S+ +40 % 130
S +30 % 114
A+ +25 % 99
A +20 % 89
B+ +15 % 79
B +10 % 69
C+ +5 % 59
C +0 % 51
D -5 % 44
D- -10 % 39
E -20 % 30
E- -30 % 20
F -40 % 0

The rating starts at 55 and approaches the final rating asymptotically following the following formula: 

p = 1 - (300 / (x + 300))

where p is the percentage progress from 55 to the final rating, x is the number of products sold*. 

So after selling the following number of products this is the rating/cure to expect:

100 = 25% = 66.25 = C+

300 = 50% = 77.5 = B

600 = 66% = 84.7 = B+

900 = 75% = 88.75 = A (Ratings are rounded to the nearest integer)