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Cures Tab

Overview[ | ]

The Cures Tab shows you information about the available cures. Selecting a cure will change the information displayed in the right pane. This Includes 6 areas:

1) A graph of the basic value of the cure over time (12 month period)

2) Sufferers - The thermometer bubble shows the number of people who require this cure. Hovering over the bubble will show the net change this month.

3) Supplied - The pill bubble shows the number of people who were given a cure in the last month. Hovering over the bubble will show the breakdown of number supplied by drug(s) from player and/or AI(s).

4) Cured - The red-cross bubble shows the number of people who were permanently cured in the last month. Hovering over the bubble will show the breakdown of number cured by drug(s) from player and/or AI(s).

5) Net Demand - shows how much people want a cure. Determines cure value. Hovering over Net Demand shows the number of suffers.

6) Saturation - How much demand is being fulfilled. Decreases net demand when above 100%. Hovering over the bubble will show the breakdown of saturation by drug(s) from player and/or AI(s).

Cure Right Panel HoverCure SaturationByDrug

Creating Cures[ | ]


Effects of an Ingredient

Cures are made by activating effects that are available in the ingredient.

The effects are separated into two groups: Cures and Side Effects. Cures allow you to make a profit on your products. Side Effects are generally unwanted and can reduce the value of your drug. Cures and Side Effects are represented by green and red bars, respectively.

In order to activate the effects in an ingredient, you need to adjust its Concentration Level. It is represented by a blue box and ranges from 0-20. Processing the ingredient with the use of different machines will alter it's concentration. Once the right concentration is reached its effect will become active in the drug. Active effects are highlighted. Once you have an active cure, you need to process it into a product which will allow you to sell the drug in the market. Pill Printers are the simplest machines that do this.

Cures can be upgraded by means of processing them in machines in the right concentration level. Some Side Effects can also be removed with the same process as Cures.

Upgrading Cures[ | ]

Upgrading Cures

Requirements to upgrade a cure

In order to upgrade a cure you must follow the pre-requirements that are needed for it. You can view the requirements by hovering over the effect or by using the Cures Tab

A Catalyst is a trait that some cures need to be upgraded. They are represented by a colored ring in the requirements. If the original ingredient to be upgraded does not contain the needed catalyst, you must combine it with other ingredients using a multimixer.

Upgrading your cure increases its value and treats a more potent variety of ailment, allowing you to sell it for more money. You also need to observe the price of each upgrade as not all of them give a profit after processing.

Healing Customers away[ | ]

Your drugs are given a Cure Rating once they are on the market. It is based on how well your drug is performing and ranges from "S to F". It also gives out bonuses in price depending on the rating of your drug. The frequency of which your drug cures increases the rating while side effects decrease it.

(The average rating is C which gives no bonus)

(A cure rating of "E" will give you -20% on the total price of a drug while getting "A" increases it by 20%)

Increasing your cure rating requires you to get the right concentration on your cure (This is known as Max Strength), reduce side effects with a creamer, or increase its effectiveness with a Syringe Injector. Having the concentration at this level will increase the effectiveness of the drug allowing you to get a higher cure rating. However, having a side effect will reduce your cure rating depending on its strength. The farther you are from the Max Strength the lesser its effect in the drug.

To determine the Max Strength of an effect you will need to process the ingredient into an Analyser. It will analyze the maximum strength range of an effect. Doing this will destroy the ingredient in the process.

Available Cures[ | ]

In Big Pharma you get to cure a lot of diseases: