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Summary[ | ]

When creating drugs, the computer will automatically attempt to name them based on the effects. If an effect doesn't have a respective name, then the automatic name will use a placeholder text. By editing this localization file, you can edit the English automatic names for your effects. The localization is stored in

Documentation[ | ]

Endings[ | ]

The first lines are the different types of "endings" that the game will use. These describe how your drug affects a certain symptom. They are sorted into three categories: "getridof", "reduce", and "increase". If, for example, you made a medication that eases pain but doesn't completely remove it, then it should be named with the "reduce" category. The example code shows the list of endings for the ending type "getridof". You can edit these by replacing, adding to, or taking away from the array of strings.

   "endings":["-Ease","-No-More","-Away"," Catcher"," Beater"," Stomper"," Buster"," Bane", " Crusher", " Punisher", " Soother", " Relief", " Reliever"]

Note that the strings allow for the use of hyphens. Also note the comma placements. A comma is only to be placed at the end of a line or item if that line or item is not the last in a group enclosed by brackets. It is advised not to change the id of an ending type, otherwise every name builder that references that id will be unable to function.

It is possible to add new ending groups.

Addons[ | ]

Addons are not divided into groups. They are used to suffix a drug with an effect that is at maximum strength. It uses an array just like the endings, and can be changed in the same way.

 "addons":[" Max"," Pro"," 2.0"," Maxi", " Plus", " Xtreme", " Extra", " XL", " Ultra", " Ultimate", " Elite", " Power", " +", " Intense", " Supreme"],

Since addons is not the last line of code in its group enclosed by brackets, it needs the comma.

Starts[ | ]

This is where you will do most of your work. Each item in starts connects an effect to a series of base-names, as well as which, if any, suffixes to use. The example below is the names for the "Soothes Cough" effect.

   "names":["Cough","Chesty Cough"],

  • The first line defines which effect we are building the names for. Replace "cough" with the id of your own effect when making a new name builder.
  • The second line defines the base names. The strings in this table will be the first word you see in the game.
  • The third line is the only optional line in the name builder. If you choose to remove it, remove the comma after the second line. This third line selects a type of ending that the game refers to when selecting a random name. If no ending type is specified, then the game will simply skip that step.

Here is an example of a newly made name builder for the effect "minusrad" used in the Wasteland Cures mod. It uses all three lines.


So the game will randomly generate a name that starts with "Rad","Neutron", or "Isotope", and ends with something from the "getridof" group. "Neutron Buster" is a possible combination.

And that's all there is to the Drug Names file.