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The file contains an array of 'events' that can be randomly chosen by the game to affect Cure demand. Related entries in provide the text for the events.

Example Event[ | ]


Event Keys[ | ]

  • id - the unique id for this event. This is used to look up the display text associated with this event in
  • ramp (optional) -the number of game ticks to ramp up/down the change in cure demand
  • duration (optional) - the number of game ticks the change in Cure Demand will be in affected
  • delay (optional) - the number of game ticks to delay the start of change in Cure Demand after event announcement
  • cureDemandChanges - array of cure(s) to be changed
    • cureDemandChanges:cureID - the cure being affected
    • cureDemandChanges:change - the change in the current Cure Demand