Big Pharma Wiki

Exploration in Big Pharma allows new ingredients to be available. There are four different areas available: forest, desert, arctic, and ocean. Explorers are hired to go on expeditions to find new sources of ingredients.


Forest areas don't require specialist teams to explore, and are relatively unhazardous.

Forest Expeditions[]

  • Spotted Nipplewort
  • Spiny Fig
  • Dragon Beetle
  • Moon Fern
  • Vine Borer
  • Sting Weevil
  • Tumble Woad


Desert expeditions can be treacherous do to the extreme temperature and ever changing landscape.

Desert Expeditions[]

  • Monk Doodlebug
  • Jewel Fly
  • Desert Goldenrod
  • Thirstwood
  • Shill Poppy
  • Prickly Beehive
  • Sand Hedgehog


Arctic locations are difficult to explore and need specially trained teams.

Arctic Expeditions[]

  • Frost Lichen
  • Blue Cottongrass
  • Polar Saxifrage
  • Arctic Willow


Ocean locations are hazardous to explore and need special submarines to access.

Ocean Expeditions[]

  • Staghorn Coral
  • Elephant Coral
  • Deep Sea Blowfish
  • Darting Jellyfish