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Hadron Collider
Hadron Collider
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The Hadron Collider is one of the Machines in Big Pharma.

Description[ | ]

The Hadron Collider makes drugs super-reactive! Collided drugs act as though they are at all Concentrations simultaneously. All effects are active and the concentration component of all reactions are satisfied.

Function[ | ]

The Hadron Collider is simultaneously one of the most helpful and one of the trickiest processing machines available. It is of particular use when making combination drugs; that is, a single drug with multiple effects. Since cure effects rarely have overlapping concentration ranges - and never have identical maximum effect concentrations - the Collider allows this limitation to be sidestepped. Regardless of the drug's concentration when fed into the Collider, it will emerge with each effect set to its ideal concentration. On the positive side, this allows a drug with maximum effectiveness for cures with radically disparate concentration requirements. However, the Collider does not discriminate, and all side effects will be at maximum strength as well. Consequently, it is advisable to eliminate all side effects prior to feeding the drug into a Collider, and, if at all possible, the Collider be the final processing machine before packaging.

An additional complication involves the Collider's process time. With a processing time of 4, it is one of the slowest-running machines in Big Pharma. As a result, the Collider forms a natural bottleneck in the production process. The natural solution for a bottleneck is to install multiple parallel machines, but the Collider's high purchase price and process cost can make this prohibitively expensive.

Upgrades[ | ]

Level Research Points Processing Cost
0 $130
1 1 $117
2 2 $104
3 4 $91
4 8 $78
5 16 $65
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