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The file contains two strings providing a title and description for your mod. If your mod folder does not contain this file, the game will ignore your folder.

Structure[ | ]

       "modName":"Write your mod name here",
       "modDescription":"Write your mod description here"

The structure of this file is quite simple. It only haves two strings: "modName" and "modDescription". This info is required for the game to recognize that there exists a mod on the folder it is contained (Remember: your mod folder must be placed inside \users\%username%\Documents\My Games\Big Pharma\Mods)

  • "modName": This string is used for naming your mod. The game will use this text on the mods list for quikcly recognizing the mods avaliable in your mods folder. Use a short, descriptive name for it.
  • "modDescription": This string is used for giving more detailed information about your mod. Try to write here a brief description about what your mod does.

As you already noticed, the only pourpose for this file is to grant some kind of information about what your mod does. However, it is required for your mod to work, so be sure you create this file and fill it properly. This way, when you share your mods, other people will be able to recognize your mods between any other they could have, and they'll also have a quick reference about what it does.

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