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The file is used for creating the research tree. You are able to create new researchs or modify existant ones, and also reorganize how they are interconected to each other.

Structure[ | ]

"Bridge" research[ | ]


NOTE: The comma at the end of the structure is required if the research is not at the end of the file, and the last one can't have it. Your file will be invalid if you don't place properly the commas, resulting in your mod not being loaded.

The example above is the central node of the research tree (Basic Pharma). This research structure is used for "bridge" researchs, which have no effect but lead to another researchs.

  • "x": horizontal position on the research grid
  • "y": vertical position on the research grid
  • "id": Identifies your research. This identificator is used for setting up connections and for assigning strings in the file. If the strings required are not present on the file, placeholders will be shown instead.
  • "duration": How many days are required for the project to be researched.
  • "projectSize": How many scientists are required to research the project.
  • "connections": Indicates what research projects are connected to this project.

Upgradable research[ | ]


The example above unlocks a machine (the pill maker), and it's upgradable. It incorporates the fields "yields" and "upgrades". They hold which "bonuses" will be granted when researching or upgrading a project.

  • "yields": This field is performed when the project is researched.
  • "upgrades": This field performs, in order, the "bonuses" placed between [ ] for each upgrade.

Possible Upgrades include:

  • pill_bonus
  • sachetBonus
  • syringeBonus
  • syringeStrengthIncrease
  • creamSideEffectReduction

  • process_cost

  • packer_capacity

  • allPurchasePrice
  • plotCost
  • salaries
  • cureRatingBonus

  • patentMaxCureLevel
  • patentSpeed
  • patentCost

  • spying_ingredients
  • spying_research
  • spying_profit
  • spying_ingredients_next
  • spying_research_next
  • spying_patents

Modded example[ | ]


If we set the "yields" and "upgrades" fields as above, we'll get the following:

  • The project will unlock both pill maker and evaporator machines.
  • Upgrading to level 1 will increase on 1 the pill bonus, upgrading to level 2 will increase on 2 the pill bonus, etc.

The Research Grid[ | ]

The Research grid is an in-game resource used for displaying each research project where they must be placed. It allows to easily reorganize the research tree as desired when modding. Both "x" and "y" labels are used in order to place the project on the research grid. Note that decimal numbers can be used.

Research Tree Grid