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Sachet Fabricator
Sachet Fabricator
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The Sachet Fabricator is one of the Machines in Big Pharma. Sachets are small packets containing granulated or powdered medication. In most cases, the drug is dissolved in a liquid (typically water) prior to consumption, although some drugs are used as a medicated soak rather than ingested.

Description[ | ]

The Sachet Fabricator turns your drugs into neat little sachets which can be sold. Sachets get a bonus for each cure effect in the drug.

Function[ | ]

With a 1x4 footprint, the sachet fabricator takes up more linear space than any of the other Maker machines. The benefit of packaging a drug in a sachet is to boost the value of the finished drug: each cure in the drug adds $30 on the base machine, and $55 on a fully upgraded fabricator.

Upgrades[ | ]

Level Research Points Sachet bonus per cure
0 $30
1 1 $35
2 2 $40
3 4 $45
4 8 $50
5 16 $55

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