Big Pharma Wiki

This page is meant to collect as many tricks as possible of all kinds about the game.

  • (Auto Tester): To effectively test cures from slower machines (processing time of 2 or more), make a long belt and fill up the belt with cures before you attach the Auto Tester to the end. I think the tester needs to heat up before it can produce a cure and if it doesn't get a test-subject each turn it will cool down to fast.
  • (Auto Tester): If you want to test a specific trait of an expensive cure that have gone through many machines to unlock the trait, you should first fully test the basic components that make up that cure, by simply attach the tester to an import-port and import the basic cures directly into the tester, when all basic traits are done then you can attach the tester to the expensive cure, this makes it so it only test the newly unlocked traits and doesn't waste money on the easier traits.
  • The Ioniser & Agglomerator (tier 2) have a higher processing cost than 3 of the coresponding lower tier machines (Dissolver & Evaporator (tier 1)) until the second research upgrade of the tier 2 machine. And that the Dissolver & Evaporator still can be upgraded to be cheaper in total at any of the same upgrade level.